We Take Repeater abuse seriously and will do all we can to eliminate it

Any abuse on the repeaters will not be tolerated either to the repeater or to any users anyone found to be doing so  will be reported to Ofcom and the ETCC will be contacted for further guidance. if possible network access will be restricted or removed from that person, if the situation continues the repeaters will be shut down for a cooling off period.

Do not respond to it. Experience suggests that abusers want an audience, so ignore them. Remember that you may be breaking your own license conditions if you correspond with someone who is breaking the terms of their license or who does not have a license or if you try to deny them access by keying your microphone.
Do not approach or confront them.
If abuse occurs frequently, make a note of it. Write down essential details such as the date, time and report it to the keeper at this email address gb7hxgb3hd@virginmedia.com

Internet connection

The Internet connection on GB7HX and GB3HD is there to enhance the repeaters. It can be removed or restricted without notice by the trustees at any time and is subject to conditions of use.

What should you do when you encounter abuse?

Conditions of use

Always operate within the terms and conditions of your licence.
Be polite to other users.
Do not abuse the repeaters or the users.
By using the repeaters you have accepted the conditions of use

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