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GB7HX is now on the Northern DMR Cluster Please see there policy on use of the network policy NDC


About GB7HX

GB7HX is a digital repeater on the DMR-TDMA system, it transmits on 439.575 MHz (your receive) and receives on 430.575 MHz (your transmit), the system in use is the Mototrbo TDMA ( Time  Division Multiple Access.) This has two time slots  6.25 KHz each, thus allowing two conversations to take place at the same time though the repeater with a 12.5 KHz channel spacing.

History of GB7HX

GB7HX started life as a D-Star digital repeater in 2011 on GB3HD frequencies, as the allocation of a new frequency was being held up by the MOD. After the first rush of users though GB7HX this then declined, so in 2013 it was decided to change GB7HX to the new DMR-MARC digital system. The D-Star repeater was sold to get funds for the new Motorola DR 3000 repeater and this proved to be a good move. At the beginning of 2014 a new frequency slot was allocated to GB7HX allowing GB3HD to come back on air

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