I have finished using Wires X. What is the best way to leave the repeater?

In the same way that you got into the room you have been in, first list the rooms.

Select the GB3HD room and connect to it.

On FT1D, FT2D, FTM100D and FTM400D- Once connected to GB3HD room simply hold down the DX button for about second and your radio will disconnect. X logo will disappear.

FT991 users, rather than using DX button, use “Disconnect” on your screen.

Following the above, leaves the repeater back where you found it and is the most considerate way to leave it ready for someone else.

Why does my radio say “No Data” when I try to connect or list rooms?

The most common causes of this are:

During the attempt follow your instructions GB3HD had an issue with the internet connection at that moment. NOT necessarily a fault with the repeater. The internet isn’t always as stable as we would like.

Solution: Try again 

An analogue QSO is taking place and as a result, interfered with your data request.

Solution: Operator error. You forgot to listen and allow Hams already using the repeater to have their QSO. Either join their QSO and wait until they finish or wait until they have finished and attempt your connection again. Remember that GB3HD operates in dual mode and is there for analogue stations as well as digital.

Your signal to the repeater is too weak and your instruction was not received.

Solution: Improve your signal into the repeater and try again

The station I am talking to has reported missing the first/last word I said?

Remember that your audio is being sent over RF to GB3HD and then the internet to another node and then again over RF to the receiving station. This means that there is a delay due to the distance. When keying your PTT, leave a second before you speak and after you have finished talking before you release the PTT to allow for the delay. Remember also that when you release the PTT, due to the internet, there may well be a delay before you heard the station returning to you.  Again, the length of delay will vary according to distance and internet speed.

I see the busy light coming on but no audio?

The repeater may be sending data or someone is on FM (when you are on wires-x your radio is locked in DN mode).

I have not connected to Wires X but I can a Wires X QSO ?

Another station has already connected to Wires X and so GB3HD is repeating that room. You do not have to use your radio to connect and can join in the QSO if you so wish.

When I try and connect to a room nothing happens?

The system did not get you request try and send it again.

Some node owners restrict access to certain rooms.

 None English speaking and cross-mode linking rooms are a couple of examples.

Note: Internet connections play no part whatsoever in the application /granting of an NOV so it is entirely up to the owner of the node as to what restrictions are in place.

I have been told that my audio is poor in digital mode?

Remember that the way that your audio travels in digital mode is different to the way it travels in analogue.  You may be talking to far/near to the microphone, your microphone settings maybe low/high. Try adjusting audio first and also practise talking ever so slightly slower.

How can I be a better operator on GB3HD?

Always set your radio to AMS (All Mode Select) so that regardless of how the other party is accessing the repeater (analogue/digital), you will hear their transmission. Remember that this ability to share the repeater with Analogue and Digital users is the foundation idea behind the Fusion system. Nobody gets excluded.

Before using GB3HD in Analogue or Digital ALWAYS LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN and LOOK at your radio to check that the repeater is not in use by somebody else. If it is, either join the QSO or listen while you wait for the QSO to end BEFORE making your own call or connecting to Wires X.

ALWAYS put the repeater back in GB3HD room before disconnecting Wires X. This means that analogue users can use the repeater freely and other amateurs do not have to wait for GB3HD to disconnect itself from a room before they can use it.

Respect all other amateurs at all times. Remember that the repeater is there for all to use and there are various ways that they may wish to use it

By Dave 2E0SHT.


How do I connect to Wires X if there is not already a QSO in progress?

Quite simply and regardless of the model of radio you have, all you need to do is press the DX button for around 1 second and release. Pressing DX makes the digital connection between your radio and GB3HD. If all is well, after waiting a few seconds GB3HD will respond to your radio, it will beep and your display will show that you are connected to Wires X.

OK, I am connected, now what?

Once you are connected, you can ask GB3HD to list the available rooms for you and select the one you want to go to for a QSO. The way you do this slightly varies on each model and due to space limitations; it is not possible to list each and every one here. Yaesu have produced a Wires X manual specific to each radio model and you can find the manual for your radio below. Just click on the link below for your radio and the PDF manual for Wires X should download.


Frequently Asked Questions About Using Wires X on GB3HD

What is Wires X ?

WIRES (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) is an Internet communication system which expands the range of amateur radio communication. For WIRES-X, an amateur node station connecting to the Internet is used as the access point and connects the wireless communication to the Internet. Users' stations can communicate with other amateur stations all over the world using a node within the radio wave range.

How does Wires X work?

Put simply, Wires X capable radios can connect through RF to a Wires X node (such as GB3HD repeater) to the internet and then command that node to connect to other nodes enabling Amateur Radio stations worldwide to communicate with one another. (See diagram below)


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