New Duplexer

New Duplexer

New Duplexer

GB7HX at the top GB3HD at the bottom

The rack

Putting up the new tower

Somthing to do

Next to the last section going up

Top plate going on

fitting the antenna


WIFI link 1

wifi link 2

wifi link 3

link going up

IMG_9285 enpty case

IMG_1319 case panal

IMG_1312 cover

IMG_9282 pi-star

IMG_9283 top hat

IMG_9284 radio

IMG_1178 two radios

IMG_9296 case pi star rv

IMG_9303 case pi star

IMG_9302 front panle

IMG_9306 case radios

IMG_0691 top v



If you would like to see the video’s follow this link Malcolm’s videos

c antennas copy

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