History of GB7HX
GB7HX started life as a D-Star digital repeater in 2011 on GB3HD frequencies, as the allocation of a new frequency was being held up by the MOD. After the first rush of users though GB7HX, the usage declined, so in 2013 it was decided to change GB7HX to the new DMR-MARC digital system. The D-Star repeater was sold to get funds for the new Motorola SLR 5000 repeater and this proved to be a good move. At the beginning of 2014, a new frequency slot was allocated to GB7HX allowing GB3HD to come back on air.

About GB7HX
GB7HX is now a dual-mode repeater on DMR and D-Star. To operate the repeater in any of the modes is simple, transmit in the mode you wish to use.
Once the repeater is in DMR or D-Star, you can connect to any TG on DMR or reflector on D-Star, you can change from DMR or D-Star when the repeater goes into standby this is after no activity on the repeater after 20 seconds.
In DMR, time slot one is connected to TG235140 this is the local talk group, it is also available via the network making it accessible from any repeater or gateway. All other Talk groups are available on time slot two.
When using D-Star can you disconnect from the reflector by using the disconnect command U?
Please make sure that the repeater is not in use before transmitting.

The BrandMeister is a network setup by amateurs to interconnect repeaters all over the world, it consists of talk groups (please see full list of available TG’s), that interconnects repeaters, local, UK wide, Europe and worldwide.

Being a commercial radio system it is not easy to set up, you need specialist programming software for different brands of radios and in some cases different models. There are lots of groups that will help you out, it is worthwhile asking around. Before you can work the repeater you will need the following: a DMR radio, you can obtain one on eBay, programming software, a code plug (due to the different manufacturers and models it is not possible for us to supply them) for your radio and your local area and finally an ID this can be obtained from dmr-marc_net_logo


Talk Groups avelable on GB7HX

BrandMeister network

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